Monday, February 21, 2011

Value Study

        From the left moving right, the first three rows are with pencil, then the next three are pen, and then marker. I was used to using pencils because that is all we sketched in last semester. But, this was one of my first times using the pens that we bought, although I came to love them because of the way the ink isn't always consistent and creates value. Even though I had used the pens once or twice, I had never used the markers because, and they were my worst fear. I wasn't sure as to how they would bleed, blend, overlap, get lighter, get darker, and just do what markers do. 
        For each medium (pencil, pen, and marker), we practiced three different ways of coloring. The first was regular shading, then the next was hatching, then stippling. The shading was easy because it was what I was used to. It was easy to go back and make darker if need be. Hatching was very intimidating, in fact, it was pretty revolutional in my mind, that shade could be made just by a matter of pencil thin lines. On the other hand, stippling was the technique I was dreading the most. It seemed to tedious, and it was. To just sit there poking at the paper, baring having any immediate gratification. But, I knew that just listening to a song while doing it would ease the pain. I also knew that the marker stippling wouldn't be my worst enemy since markers bleed, I would only have to do about half the work to get the same effect. 

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