Monday, February 21, 2011

Social Networking Parti/ Models

        For my social networking device I wanted to bring people together, not set them apart like computers do. I chose to create "transitional windows", which would allow people to change the view outside, making their time together more enjoyable. 
        Although the concept for my design would be fairly easy with technology, making it from wood, paper, and paint was difficult. First, I cut the wood into two equal parts to make the sections that rotate. Then I carved, using an exact-o-knife because my cutter broke, I carved out the size of the small wooded sticks, so that I can glue the two bigger pieces together with the smaller piece in the middle. 
        Secondly, I created the the two side panels to hold the sections that rotate. I then preceded to cover the rotating sections in white copy paper, holding it together with rubber cement. After, I put the pieces together and started to paint each side. One side was a rainy day, another was a beach scene, the next was a spring field, and the last was a fall hillside. Once I put the pieces together, I noticed that the model was wobbly and unstable, so I added the top and bottom pieces of wood to hold all of the pieces together  and for stability. 

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