Monday, February 21, 2011

6th Blog Post

Church's Power VS. Heaven

          The Cathedral in Cologne, Germany, is known for having two towers; what these towers do is mark where the entrance to the cathedral is, showing its importance. The smaller tower in in the axis of the church shows the way to heaven. But, comparing the height and girth of these two "wu-wus", it is obvious in which the emphasis is on, the church. They believe that entering and being a part of the church comes first, and then through the church, you then go on to Heaven.
          The second picture shows the size of the cathedral when it was still in construction in 1856 in comparison to the town surrounding it. Even in plan, the cathedral was supposed to be viewed from all over the region, to remind the people of the church and then Heaven. 

The Trinity

          The cathedral in Salisbury, England, was constructed with the thought of the Holy Trinity. From the moment that people see the church, they are consumed with the essence of three. The cathedral focused on the path to Heaven in the sense that once you recognize that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are there to  help you in your faith, then your path to Heaven will be clear, as marked by the tallest tower in the center on the axis.

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