Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Week

        I was pretty excited about color week when we started it because it was a nice break from everything drafting and using my brain for project ideas, but I did think Tommy was a little insane when he tried to explain to us how we would see "lines of colors" in the middle color. 
        Our first assignment was to make a 3"x3" square by picking two colors, and then finding the middle color. The next one was to make a cross, by once again, choosing two colors and picking the middle color. If you got a close middle color then it would look like the pieces of colored paper, the ones we picked, were overlapping. The third assignment was to make the five squares (four on the corners and one in the middle). We chose four colors, and then a separate one, and found the median with each of the four colors to the one in the middle, making the corners look as if they overlapped. Since my four corners were all blue, it made it difficult trying to find which shade of blue went with which color. We next were instructed to make a color pallet in which we would use throughout the semester. I tried my best to not have any purples or greens in my pallet because they are my least favorite colors and I didn't want to be stuck using them, so I tried all different color combinations but no matter what, I had a color I didn't like. We had to first choose two colors and a median to be in the middle. Then we had to pick a light color and a dark color that we compliments of each other to be at the top and the bottom. Then find each color that went in between each color. Although half of my pallet is purple, I am still satisfied with the way it turned out. The last project with color was to, using our color pallet, make an abstract representation of how we view the four seasons. For spring I curled strips of paper to make "grass" and used bright colors. For summer is used all warm colors and cute shapes our to make it look like they were melting, like of like a lava lamp. For fall, I wanted to show wind by cutting strips and making them stand up in a wavy style, while using dark, neutral colors. Finally, for winter I used stark blues and purples, cool colors, in a jagged fashion, as if ice were breaking. 

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