Monday, February 28, 2011

7th Reading Response

Circles and Squares: The Ideal Design

        The circle fits perfectly in the Square, and vice versa. These two geometric shapes compliment each other, which makes sense why both the East (Shwezigon Pagoda) and the West (Castle del Monte and Palmanuova City) decided to incorporate the basic shapes in their architecture, but in very different ways. Each part of the world wanted to capture the sensibility and simplicity of the shapes, but make them into very elaborate buildings and ideas, like Leonardo de Vinci did. Even today, architects wants the circle and the square in their every day lives. For instance, the United States Capitol Building: 

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  1. Interesting, colorful formatting. There is no concept and title that ties all of these together. You have a set of nice quotes, but none of your own writing to show your understanding of the readings. How do these points connect to design today?