Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scale Figures

I find these two scale figures to be my most successful. Although they were done in a matter of seconds, I was still able to capture the scale, the position, and other important aspects of the person I was drawing. Both of the drawings relate that it is an adult human scale figure. One is sitting, and the other is standing. The top one was more abstract in the way that it is created from only geometric shapes, whereas the bottom one is only the outline.

Best Drawing


I find this drawing as one of my drawing. Not only did I receive a check plus, but also because I paid attention to the line quality and thickness. I had never experienced drawing a plan oblique before, and interpreting the drawing and orthographics so well on a first try is extremely rare for me. Throughout the semester I have learned so much about drafting, drawing, and the importance of taking your time. I have worked so long for these past few months and dedicated many hours to this class and I can tell that it has paid off by how much I have learned and improved.

4th Year Presentation

The 4th year presentation was similar and different to the ones that we have had before. I understood how we are supposed to dress and act professional by seeing this group in dresses and suits standing at the front of the room addressing the audience with such matureness.

Not only did they have a board to convey their ideas, but they also had models at every station. Most of them were made from wood, matte board/ cardboard, plexiglass, foam core, and paper. So not very hard materials to understand, but it is amazing how much they can make and how well with such simple materials.

The amount of work and kind of work definitely differs a huge amount from what we are doing now. Not only are they creating a building (their first), but in doing so, they have to think about natural light, safety, sustainability, history, the community/neighborhood, nature, topography, and even have to take polls and questionnaires to the people that will be affected. I cannot wait to be able to impact just a big group for the better and be able to give back to a community in such a big way.

Final Luminaire

My final luminaire is made from 3/32 inch thick Basswood. In making this project, I learned more about how a cube is made with all sides, like an orthographic layout should be. I also was able to experiment with different binding agents. The wood is held together by Zap-a-Gap, the paper is held together by clear tape and glue, and I used double-sided tape to hold the paper to the wood. Although I did stick to the idea of keeping a paper box inside, it is not vellum. Instead I decided to use printer paper because the lightbulb was hidden in vellum, but still very bright and instead of buying more light bulbs, I used a thicker paper.

Process of Light

After the globe/sphere idea, I decided to go with a more cube shape. I bought a plexiglass box, but when I put the lightbulb in it, I didn't like that you could see the  lightbulb, and see it very bright. To fix this problem, I bought some spray frost, that looks like ice, but when I lit it up again, the bulb was still just as bright.

Next I decided to go with some color, like I did in the sphere. I bought red transparencies, made a box, and then tried cutting the branch form out of it. It turned out flimsy and just not sturdy. Then I added a box of vellum on the inside to hide the lightbulb with, which worked very well.

My next idea was to make it our of wood. This though came to me at midnight one night while I was working on it. I decided to make a model of it so that I wouldn't forget. This model was made from Balsa wood, which turned out to be too weak. Every time I would cut with the grain, it would just split all the way. I stuck with the vellum box inside to hide the lightbulb.