Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Process of Light

After the globe/sphere idea, I decided to go with a more cube shape. I bought a plexiglass box, but when I put the lightbulb in it, I didn't like that you could see the  lightbulb, and see it very bright. To fix this problem, I bought some spray frost, that looks like ice, but when I lit it up again, the bulb was still just as bright.

Next I decided to go with some color, like I did in the sphere. I bought red transparencies, made a box, and then tried cutting the branch form out of it. It turned out flimsy and just not sturdy. Then I added a box of vellum on the inside to hide the lightbulb with, which worked very well.

My next idea was to make it our of wood. This though came to me at midnight one night while I was working on it. I decided to make a model of it so that I wouldn't forget. This model was made from Balsa wood, which turned out to be too weak. Every time I would cut with the grain, it would just split all the way. I stuck with the vellum box inside to hide the lightbulb.

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