Thursday, November 4, 2010

Luminaire sketch model

This is both sides of my sketch model. I would need something to hold the two halves together because there wouldn't be a way, using paper (which is what I have explored so far) to have them connected naturally, without using tape or some other for of adhesive. 

The separate sides:

I want to use a silhouette of a figure that is curvy and abstract, but still recognizable. Japanese lanterns usually have a cherry blossom branch incorporated into them, and I wanted to adopt and make that technique my own.

This image is how I would like for my luminaire to be. I would like half of it to be just the cut out of the object, like the roots, and the other half to be just the object, like the trunk of the picture.

This is also a similar picture to the one above. I would want half of my branch- like figure seem white, by the light showing through it, and the other half to appear black because the light will be shining all around it.
Two other ways that I was thinking about making the branch silhouette is carving it out of wood, and then attaching the wood together to make it, like the picture below does.

The other way was making a mosaic of and just leaving the branch untouched, either white or black to contrast with the color mosaic, like below.

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