Thursday, January 12, 2012

Design Autobiography 1

As a designer, I am bright, purposeful, and colorful.

Alone, the gem is attractive, but when paired with light, the gem becomes something much more magnificent. Knowledge is my light, and when armed with it, I know that I can be outstanding.

Each cut in the gem is meaningful and joined to make a larger picture that is brilliant. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky created a mathematical formula for cutting round gems to maximize their brilliance. When refracting light, the top of the gem will create an arrow pattern and when viewed from the bottom, a heart pattern is formed. When designing, I want each aspect of my work to be purposeful and when combined, to create something worthwhile.

I believe that color has the ability to control a person’s mood. For example, when in a bright yellow room, one might feel happier and joyful, whereas in a monochromatic dark blue room, one might feel melancholy or depressed. I would love for my work to be able to have that big of an impact on someone. I want to surround my peers, clients, professors, and family with the colors and feelings of happiness.

For the main culture, the gem would symbolize power, wealth, status, class, and beauty. For the subculture that mined the gem, it would symbolize slavery, death, repression, and poverty.