Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4th Year Presentation

The 4th year presentation was similar and different to the ones that we have had before. I understood how we are supposed to dress and act professional by seeing this group in dresses and suits standing at the front of the room addressing the audience with such matureness.

Not only did they have a board to convey their ideas, but they also had models at every station. Most of them were made from wood, matte board/ cardboard, plexiglass, foam core, and paper. So not very hard materials to understand, but it is amazing how much they can make and how well with such simple materials.

The amount of work and kind of work definitely differs a huge amount from what we are doing now. Not only are they creating a building (their first), but in doing so, they have to think about natural light, safety, sustainability, history, the community/neighborhood, nature, topography, and even have to take polls and questionnaires to the people that will be affected. I cannot wait to be able to impact just a big group for the better and be able to give back to a community in such a big way.

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