Sunday, February 6, 2011

3rd Reading Response (Apollo's Temple)

In Ching (p 127), the book talks about Apollo's temple in Delphi and how the path to it is not straight, but instead "snaked". I want to explain how Apollo got his temple and why the path is snake-like.

How Apollo got his temple at Delphi:
1.    Zues had sex with Leto

Leto with Apollo and Artemis

2.    Hera was jealous and very mad

3.    She wouldn’t allow Leto to give birth on Earth
Leto being refused by people afraid of Hera's rath

4.    Leto found a small, rocky shore, Delos, and gave birth

5.    Apollo was told to have his temple at Delphi

6.    When he arrived, he killed a python (the guardian of an ancient oracle)
Apollo killing Python

7.    After killing the python, Apollo took on the token, becoming the oracle
Apollo's Oracle by John William Waterhouse , 1884

8.    He made his temple

Apollo's temple

9.    Needed priests, so he turned into a dolphin and made the ship crew his priests
Apollo as a dolphin

10.    Delphi named for Apollo turning into a dolphin

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  1. i appreciate your attempt to communicate the story of zeus' birth in this photo essay....but that does not meet the intent of the reading response guidelines. no building or object under study. even if you include the temple in #8 you need to write more about the impact of that building at he time and on you as a designer.