Monday, February 21, 2011

Dining Parti

        For my parti, I wanted to show the eating style, the table, and the chairs (along with how I would incorporate each country). 
        I wanted the eating style to reflect India. I have pictures showing people eating on the floor, in a very humble manner. But, after talking to Stoel and measuring classmates' preference on table heights, I knew that I had to have chairs. Stoel wanted to have something to lean up against and support his back, so I knew I wanted something low to the ground and comfortable, but I wasn't sure what type of seating I wanted, like whether I wanted it to be a couch that wraps all the way around the table, or a seating for a couple so people could get out easier, or individual. It was obvious that I needed to think more about the chair.
        Since I wanted people sitting on the floor, or on a low chair, I knew that my table had to be pretty low. But I also knew that I wanted it to be circular, like the Knights at the round table, showing equality and also a place whether people aren't only going to talk to the person they are sitting with. The shape of the table I wanted is a water hole because since the beginning of time, people and animals have been gathering around water.
        For the sideboard, I originally wanted it to represent Japan, but I decided to have it represent Egypt and the pyramids. Japan was represented by disc type things on the ceiling that mirror how a Japanese umbrella could look. The united states would be in the technology on the walls, which would be my transitional windows all the way around. As I mention before, India is the eating style, and China is the seating. 

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