Thursday, February 3, 2011

Design Manifesto

Design, to me, is to let yourself go free. Growing up, I was never one of the “artistic” kids that made works of art in their notes while in class, I could only draw the same three things. My mom is an artist and I just never thought I had the skill or imagination to create something, until I became an Interior Designer. These classes have gotten my imagine back from when I was a little kid jumping on object, so I won’t “land in the lava”.

I used to think that designers only decorate, and not create. That there was no element of craft within the field because all they did was lay fabric on couches or hand paintings on walls. And for a while, that’s what I wanted to do. But now, I not only know what design truly is, but I know what aspect I want to be within it. I want to create objects and spaces in which people will marvel. I want to help the function of humanity by designing things they will use daily.

I believe a criteria for wanting to be a designer is to have faith in your ideas. The first idea may not be the final product, but it definitely gets you to one. I always think of what Tommy said they first day of class about failing, that we never “fail” at an idea or by creating something because we learn from our “mistakes” and trials.
Over the few months of me being a “designer”, I have marveled over some of the creations my classmates have created, some of which I would pay for! I don’t get jealous that I didn’t come up with the idea, I just admire their work and progress, just like I do with mine. Everyone has a different background and different ideas to bring to the table. It’s great to look around at what people are creating and build on it. I find that our peers are our best resource in design.

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