Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dining Project

Beckie Yohn
Dining Area

I have decided for my dining event, I want the whole world, essentially, to unite and come together in person to share a meal, to end world hunger. I want to invite 6 countries, the United States of America, Japan, China, Mexico, Egypt, and India. Having such diverse countries gather in an unfamiliar place may be unsettling for them, so I wanted to incorporate a little bit of each country into the dining area.
For the United States, that is where the dining is to be held, and the transitioning windows that will be around all four of the walls will be a reflection of our country.
 On the ceiling will be a series of Japanese umbrellas hanging, varying in color and height, to create a more intimate and lower ceiling. They will transition the guests to from the door, to the table.
China will be represented by the lighting in the room. Above the circular dining table, there will be a circular lighting fixture, the same size as the hole in the middle of the table. The fixture will be made of a dragon, a symbolic creature, biting its tale. The lighting will change with the mood, from playful and inviting to close and intimate.
When thinking of Mexico, I immediately think about El Dia De Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. I wanted to incorporate marigolds, the flower of the celebration, in the flooring by having a marigold Maroleum of some sort. Maroleum is sophisticated, solid, and yet comfortable.
Egypt will be shown in the sideboard. I want to use pyramids in the way that the sideboard stands on the ground. I am not quite sure exactly how, but I have a few ideas.
Finally, India will be represented not only in the fabric choices of the chairs, which will be custom designed, but also in the eating style. The fabric will be a bright purple color with gold accents, which will go well with the marigold flooring. The eating style will be an all-sensory experience. There will be no utensils, and the eating will be done while sitting on the floor, similar to the Japanese.
Having each of the countries integrated into the room they will all be sharing and will enhance their feeling of comfort and home. 









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