Monday, February 21, 2011

Dining Precedence

        For my three precedences, I chose, for my eating style, the way of Delhi, India. I wanted to capture, in my dining space, the humbleness of sitting on the floor and eating like commoners, where everyone is equal. I also wanted to not have utensils because in India, they believe that eating should be an all sensory experience, and I think that silverware is just a way of distancing, just like buying prepackaged animal meat, the person eating from their food. I wanted everything to be intimate. 
        The second one is my table. I wanted to bring back the idea of people and animals gather around the water circle as a community. It seems that in this age, people don't seem to gather like they should to have quality time with each other, so I wanted a circle table, just like the eating style, to bring everyone together and to make them all on the same level. 
        The final precedent is about the table as well. Showing, again, how animals gather around water and how circular tables make for equality, just like  the knights at the round table. 

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