Friday, April 29, 2011

Studio Perspective #2

          Our assignment was to pick a place from about 9 different pictures that were from around the studio building, one that we hadn't done before. Since the inside of the building is mostly gray concrete, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the different colors. This was the first assignment that i had to practice rendering, so naturally, I practiced a few times before continuing to the final. I layered the brick with a dark brown on the bottom, and a crimson read over top. The poured concrete was rendered using a light gray was layering it by circling all throughout the floor. The columns were created the same, but with a lighter marker. I used the same light gray for the windows, but used the in a linear fashion to create a streaking effect. I used a black colored pencil in the brick (only horizontal lines) to hint at the brick texture and layout. I also used a green colored pencil in the bushes. Since I didn't have a green marker, I mixed about 3 of them together to create a layered look. 

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