Friday, April 29, 2011

Dining Project

          Or project was to create a place for dining that is to stop world hunger and to use technology to bring people together, like social networking. My technology was the transitioning windows, which would bring people together by having the atmosphere around them be pleasant. We also had to create our own table and sideboard while choosing an already existing chair. I wanted my table to be round because it symbolizes equality. Since that was the most important object to me, I put it along with the plan and section on the first page. The next one consists of the axonometric and the sideboard. I wanted my sideboard to be clear because I wanted to keep the room open and also let the food stand out. The last page is filled with the one point perspective of my dining space. I wanted to make it the focal point and the biggest thing on the presentation because perspectives let people get a feel of how it is to be inside the space. 

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