Friday, April 29, 2011

Monticello vs. Falling water

          Our studio went on a trip up to Monticello, designed by Thomas Jefferson, and Falling water, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. So, as an assignment, we had to compare and contrast the two houses. Falling water is this beautifully modern designed house that is located right atop a waterfall, surrounded by trees and rocks. Whereas Monticello is this older house, on the top of a mountain, with a few patches of trees around it. On the page, I created the composition to mostly contrast the two buildings by lining up different aspects of each house. The first drawing is the landscape, the second is looking out a window, the next is an object indoors, then a room, and the next is an object outside. I made the drawings of each place melt together, to show the relationship. I had the drawings of Falling water break the borders on every side, whereas Monticello's drawings were kept inside a box for the most part, making sure that there is a distinct border. 

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