Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Post 13

Simply Scandinavian
Brosna Bookcase-Black

          The Scandinavian modern design has taken simple objects and taken them to a different level, to where the object is designed far beyond what the term explains. For example, the Bronsa Bookcase above doesn't seem like an ordinary bookcase. The Scandinavians have developed the concept of what a bookshelf is way beyond what it is intended to be, and even beyond recognition, turning it into something even better. This design is sleek, clean, plain, geometric, and smooth, which is exactly what Scandinavian design is about. The bookshelf cuts out the unnecessary ends, making the use of material less and less expensive. The open ends even make the object possible to be a something even more when introduced to more than one. This open design is the equivalent to an open plan on a building; both allow the owner to take control of the designed object, space, building, or place, and make it their own and to incorporate their style with it. Unlike the "modern" movement that took only beauty into account, Scandinavian modern design takes the consumer, customer, and owner into consideration when creating products. 

Brosna Bookcase-Black

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