Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Falling Water Extra Credit

Falling Water
        Falling Water is considered one of Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest creations. In this building, he focused on the horizontal bands that continue throughout the entire house, even in the materials he used. I favor this house over Monticello because of it's concept. Just the idea of creating this beautiful home over an equally beautiful waterfall is bold and easy to admire. But to go along with this grand idea, he had another thought to tie the entire house together, since it seems to be in parts. Even though the structure wasn't given much thought, the people who would inhabit the place were constantly in thought with balancing the  intimacy and the grand scale of the environment.
        The floor plan is left open to allow the space to feel as open as the woods that surround it. Also, the openness helped the Kauffman's to make the house their own with decorations and collectable from all around the world, which they did. In the study room, there was a staircase that was surrounded by exotic books and baskets that were hand weaved. Mrs. Kauffman continued the fill the house with sculpture and statues that she bought from Mexico when she would go to her house there. Even the paint of the covered walkway has the color scheme of Mexico, being almost a creamy salmon color.       

The main floor 

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