Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Post 14

Design Influences 

Object: Recipes
          I love to cook. I love to do anything that is related to cooking, whether it be reading recipes, watching food network shows, or actually baking. Some people claim that the bible is actually an acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, and to me, thats what recipes are. they are things you should try before leaving Earth. They are just these simple bullet points filled with instructions on how to create a wonderful meal. But they can be much more; once you change the recipe its yours. I get inspired by watching shows that have all of these steps to creating one dish, and then I start to wonder how I can change that and make it my own, which is what designers do. They see a sculpture and wonder how they can incorporate it into their work.
Space: Fields
          A picture is worth a thousand words, and i want to be the one that inspires them. Fields, to me, are like a blank canvas. never ending possibilities, and your only boundaries are the sky, the earth, and the trees surrounding it. There is no path you must walk upon, no people to judge you, and nothing to conform to. A field can be someone's dream turning into a reality, or a house for a beginning family, or an photo album bursting with mental images and memories.
Building: Train station
          People communicate more with gestures than with words. But I think feelings and auras have a lasting impression. I find the act of standing at a train station, and watching people hug goodbye or kiss hello is worth while. There are such string feelings connected to both acts that it cannot be erased from the space. Just looking at a bench there, I can sense the thousands of joyful and depressing stories that have happened there. How many tears have fallen, how many kisses were given and how many "I love you"s were said. The feeling is more powerful and overwhelming than any sappy love story could capture.

Place: Nature
          What is more well designed than nature? What is more influential than nature? Nothing. Nature has inspired people, cities, states, countries, continents, and worlds throughout history, so why stop now? As I look out the window, all i see is well sculpted trees, beautifully painted leaves, perfectly placed roses, and sky as wide as eternity. This is how i think all architecture and design should be. To state it simply, nature satisfies all elements of commodity, firmness, and delight. To me, nature is worth everything, nature has been around longer than man-kind, and it is designed in God's image. Tell me that is not something worth emulating.

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