Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tadao Ando

Light is a visible, natural phenomenon that illuminates objects. It is beneficial to humans, animals, and even plants. Ando believed that natural light and architecture was so precious that it shouldn't be vandalized, so he manipulated the light through the interior and exteriors of buildings. In this day and age, humans tend to get right down to the construction of tearing down objects that they perceive gets in their way, when in actuality, said objects could benefit them. I believe that Ando's thoughts on preserving natural and human-made objects is honorable because it's a new way of thinking, a new way that more people should adopt.
This picture is of an office building that Ando designed in Tokyo. He placed the building so well that the entire structure obtains more natural light than it does artificial. The light premiers the detailed steel ceiling, making this probably the most aesthetic work area made by man.

This church that Ando made is just breath-taking. It captures the whole concept of what the building is for in the actual construction. He allowed the only window in the entire room to be a cross, which is overwhelmingly filled with symbolism. In this dark room, the only luminary is a cross, so powerful. 

Tadao Ando is almost the complete opposite of Toyo Ito. Ito is known for his transparent buildings, whereas Ando uses concrete to construct his buildings.  

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